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Lamborghini Car Competitions - Win a Lamborghini Sports Car in the UK

Lamborghini Car Competitions

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We have all the very best competitions to win a car online including a Lamborghini. Win a Bentley car today in an online car competition. Win a Lamborghini Gallardo this month.

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Lamborghini Car Competitions

For your chance to win a luxury car like a Lamborghini and some cash check out the competitions above.

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Review Of The Lamborghini Gallardo
If one were to conduct a census asking people to name the top three Supercar marques there is little doubt that Lamborghini would most certainly feature. Which, when you consider that they are a bit of a baby company having been founded in 1963, is quite an achievement. Lamborghini has, since the 350 GTV, been about the design and production of fast and powerful cars with perfect performance and stunningly unique design.

With the 1987 Chrysler takeover the company embarked upon its most successful period with the production of the ever popular Diablo. The continued success in its manufacturing has continued throughout the company's history and in July 1998 Audi AG decided to get in on the action, agreeing to take over the entirety of the Lamborghini company, spawning a new era that has seen the meteoric rise of the Gallardo and its bigger sister the Murciélago.

To a certain degree the Gallardo's stats speak for themselves; 196mph, 520bhp and 0-60 in 4 seconds dead. Merely reading is quite breath taking! The Gallardo, however, deserves more than a cursory glance. Billed the most user friendly Lambo yet, the 'baby Lambo' is something to behold. The V10 roars into life with a simple turn of the key and from here on in I suggest you brace yourself. The torque on this is awesome at 376lb/ft and the 500bhp gives an incredible driving experience. With perfect steering the Gallardo sticks to the line you choose to drive! In short, the performance is perfect!

This may be the 'baby Lambo' on paper but its size and power simply don't agree. The technology contained within the Gallardo's body is suitably advanced for a car of this calibre. This 'Baby Lambo' never roars! As the main design criteria was to get the driver and car as close together as possible it is hardly surprising that the car is totally focused on that job. There is little flounce about this vehicle, no plush leather seats or DVD players. It is all about making the driving experience as responsive and invigorating as possible. It is an incredibly technologically advanced car, as is befitting of the marque. The body has clean lines and sharp, unfussy, curves while the long wheelbase and short overhang makes the Gallardo a majestically powerful sight. Everything about the Gallardo is functional, ergonomic, and aerodynamic - it is about driving faster, better and smoother than in any other car. The Gallardo has achieved the perfect blend of functionality and style all the time avoiding any compromise in performance or class.

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